Visit from Sweden

First of all, Dr. Khpalwak Ningrahari (Specialist in General Medicine, Stockholm/Sweden, -> was introduced with the doctors and staff of Dewanbegi Clinic.
After that, Dr. Khpalwak guided and consulted the doctors about some issues. In addition, He asked them some questions. Some of the advices and questions were as the following:

1.  How much time should be given to each patient’s treatment?

2. How to treat an emergency patient?

3. A file should be created for patients whose illness is continuous, e.g. blood pressure
and diabetes, in order to register their records.

4.  The team should honestly, faithfully and carefully carry out the affairs.

5.  The clinic staff, especially the doctors, should attend to their works on time.

6. Patients should be recorded however it is not necessary for all.

7. Each of the doctors should feel responsible.

8.  Dr. Khpalwak shared some information with the doctors about the current status of
foreign health care centers especially of those located in Sweden.

9. Low quality medicine should not be admitted to the clinic; if possible, a contract
should be signed with any pharmacy company.

10. While seeing the departments of the clinic, Dr. Khpalwak gave some essential
information to the responsible personnel of laboratory. He advised them that if
it was possible, an agreement should be endorsed with other hospitals regarding
laboratory examinations. As well as, the laboratory technician assured Dr.
Khpalwak about the current tests in laboratory of the clinic.

11. The medicine should be purchased from a company or country which produces quality

12. For attracting customers’ attentions, good services, reasonable price and little profit should
be kept in mind.

13. Quality should be controlled, and patients should be encouraged to care about their
health and to always follow their illness.

14. The doctors should listen to the patients, give them enough time to talk about
their diseases and provide them with sufficient information about their

15. Services of infection and circumcision should be added to the clinic.

16. All the departments of the clinic should be connected with each other through internet.

17. Dr. Khpalwak promised that he would visit the clinic again (October 2016) and would
support it.

At the end, Dr. Khpalwak appreciated the on-going process of the clinic and wanted all the
doctors to keep medical moralities in minds.

Dewanbegi Clinic Kabul/Afghanistan, 18.2.2016